Sunday, September 14, 2008

Help needed for a homeless doggie!

I would like to introduce you to "cocoa", he is a small terrier/lab mix who is in need of a new home. He is currently staying with us and our pack, until a new home can be found. He is a dog with "special needs" which I will describe shortly. An ideal adoption family would be experienced dog owners, who have previously dealt with dogs having dominance issues. It would be best if this family had no small children.

On the positive side:

He is young, 9 months old, and has been neutered. He is completely healthy and up to date with all of his shots. He is a loving, friendly dog who definately wants to be a part of a family. Unfortunately, at this time, he believes he should be the head of the family. He is relatively small, under 35lbs, short haired, intellegent, and surprisingly very good with cats! He is leash trained, can sit on command and give paw.
Cocoa's "special needs" are as follows:
1. Resource Guarding/Aggression: Cocoa will lunge and attack if he thinks someone is planning to take away whatever it is he is guarding. I have seen him act this way towards bones, squeeky toys, garbage cans, and even a piece of paper.
2. Dog aggression: Cocoa has poor doggie social skills, and will growl, lunge and attack other dogs if he perceives them as a threat or a danger to him.
3. Dominance: Cocoa definately displays a dominance streak towards other dogs as well as humans. 4. House Training: He is not completely house trained.
5. History: He has a history of biting humans as well as other dogs. He was originally adopted from a no-kill animal shelter in North Carolina.

My husband and I are doing everything we can to resolve as many of the behavioral/training issues as we can, and I will issue updates on this site whenever Cocoa reaches a milestone achievement. However I will accept an adoptive family at any time, so long as they are experienced dog owners with no small children.

If you would like to see Cocoa in person, or are interested in obtaining more information, please email me at:

Donations of dog food, bones, toys, leashes, collars, etc., are requested in order to help us out in this attempt to rehabilitate this Westford Doggie. Thanks for your interest, and wish us luck!

Mary Campi
Westford Dog Warden

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