Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Dog Pending Adoption

Just a "heads-up" on the latest doggie who will be spending some time at the Westford Dog Pound. This litle guy is called "Tipper", and he appears to be a Terrier/Whippet mix breed. He is about 35lbs and is just over a year old. He was given up by his family after a biting incident involving their 6 yr old child. He is currently being evaluated for behavioral issues, and I can already see he not only displays food aggression but also resource guarding as well as some other traits.
He is neutered and up to date with all of his shots, but he is not currently available for adoption until his evaluation period is over. Depending upon what I find, he may need more time to rehabilitate or I may offer him up for adoption only to experienced dog owners with no small children.
I will update the blogsite as more details become available.


Stinky is now "Jetty"

I just came back from dropping off Stinky to his new home in Cape May, NJ. He looks like he's having a grand ole time taking walks along the Jersey Shore! He has been renamed "Jetty", by his new family, and I wish them the best of luck.