Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Dog Pending Adoption

Just a "heads-up" on the latest doggie who will be spending some time at the Westford Dog Pound. This litle guy is called "Tipper", and he appears to be a Terrier/Whippet mix breed. He is about 35lbs and is just over a year old. He was given up by his family after a biting incident involving their 6 yr old child. He is currently being evaluated for behavioral issues, and I can already see he not only displays food aggression but also resource guarding as well as some other traits.
He is neutered and up to date with all of his shots, but he is not currently available for adoption until his evaluation period is over. Depending upon what I find, he may need more time to rehabilitate or I may offer him up for adoption only to experienced dog owners with no small children.
I will update the blogsite as more details become available.



lisa said...

Thank you for your time energy and care of our Westford strays. I saw your post on Front Porch forum and jumped to the link you provided.

Although I cannot offer to adopt the little one your husband calls DK I would like to make a donation to help offset any personal expenses you and your family may incur in your efforts to take care of and find good homes for our strays.

I would like to know more about what you are doing and how you are funded. Sometime please give me a call to talk.

Thanks again!
lisa fargo 878-7430
woods hollow road

Westford Dog Warden said...

Whenever a dog is impounded, the town pays for food/shelter for 7 days. ($10.00/day) Any medical costs incured during this initial 7 day period is paid for from a fund kept by the town, and funded through donations. This fund is currently in the black.

After the 7 day period, all costs are paid from a fund created from adoption fees. This fund is currently in the red.

We take donations of supplies, food, volunteering to walk dogs, fostering animals, and/or money.
If you wish to donate to the first fund, simply make a check out to "The Town of Westford", and make it out in attn to "Dog Warden Fund", and mail it to the town ofice.

If you wish to make a donation to the second fund, that would have to be made out to me, "Mary Campi", and mail it to the town office.

I'm in the process of creating on official shelter name as a non-profit organization, which I hope to finalize shortly.