Thursday, October 30, 2008

Updates from Cocoa's New Owner

I received an update from Cocoa's new owner, which I've posted below.


I just want to update you about Cocoa.
Thanks to Caesar Millans Techniques Cocoa is doing super.
He is the favorite of little kids at Calahan Park as well as with people in general.
He generally gets along with most dogs and loves to run in the dog park. We take long walks and he has never had an accident here in our apartment.
I was able to purchase a full size crate for him at Recycle North for just two dollars. I put him in it when I can't take him with me. If I don't he will knock things down and lay on my couch - which I don't want him to do.
Squirrels are his achilles heel however. His hunting and tracking instincts are strong.

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