Friday, March 13, 2009

"Stinky" found a home

The little dog found on route 128 was given a name, "Stinky". I call him that cause his breath is just aweful! Well, his owners were never located, even after posting info on craigs list, westford general store, the town office, the post office, and even the Mountain Gazette. So, he became my dog.
I took him to Dr. Vrba, our local vet, to get him neutered. I had previously taken him there to fix a nasty cut on his eyelid (alittle fight w/one of my doggies) and we found out he also had tapeworms.
So, after having him for over a month I can say that "Stinky" has turned into a lovely, lovely dog. He is now calm, listens very well when inside the house or on a leash, (When he's off leash, all bets are off) and loves human companionship and attention. He will sit by my side and rest his head on my lap, waiting patiently until he received a pet. He is now housebroken, and walks very well on a leash. He no longer jumps up when excited, no longer anxious and constantly whining. I am very pleased at his development. (I just wish his breath would improve)
He has an adoption pending by next month, so we will have to give him up shortly. (sniff, sniff)

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