Saturday, May 23, 2009

You Break It, You Buy It!

We had a bit of an unfortunate incident here at the Town Impound. The little chihuahua we were holding got into alittle "skiff" with the other stray we picked up. Well, the little guy got the worse of it, and wound up suffering from a separated elbow and a bite above and below his right eye.
We took him to B.E.V. and had a splint put on his leg. Needless to say, the bills for this little guy are stacking up, and will only get higher and higher. I seriously doubt that I will find anyone willing to adopt him AND pay for his medical bills,,,,,,,so I quess what,,,,
Let me introduce you to our newest doggie,,,,,

He will be doggie #6 for us. My hubby is calling him "D-K" (short for drop-kick. Crude,,,I know,,but he thinks it's cute)

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