Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catching up on old news

Whippet Mix Found and Adopted.

A wonderful whippet mix named "tipper" was voluntarily handed over to me after he had bit a child. While he needed some retraining, overall he is a wonderful little man. Already neutered, extremely friendly and FAST, he quickly found a place for himself in our hearts as well as our home. We've decided to adopt him for ourselves, making the number of dogs in our pack to six.

I have yet to see any evidence of the aggression he displayed previously, and he has integrated very well with the other dogs in the house. He still wants to chase the cow/goats, and occasionally is tempted by our chickens. But on the whole, he is responding well to his new environment.

Tramautized Dog Found and Adopted

This little black lab mix, 8 months old and intact, was taken from the home of a dog hoarder. He came to me absolutely tramautized, untrained, filthy, and ready to bite. As a matter of fact, he did catch my hand a few days later, required a trip to the ER and a bottle of antibiodics for me. In all my previous cases, I've been able to assess the problem, obtain the dogs trust and loyality, and modify any bad behaviour. But in this case I proved to be totally unprepared and unable to help this little guy.

I posted an ad for help on craigslist and, and luckily a certified dog trainer came up to the plate to offer her help. I am glad to report, that only after a few hours of work, they were able to bring the little guy out of his shell, and begin working on obtaining his trust and love. They have decided to adopt him for themselves. The little guy is named "Lucky".

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