Monday, December 14, 2009

BUSTED!! Goats on the Lamb Captured on Route 128

Two of my goats left our pasture on Friday, December 11th. After heading down our driveway, and crossing Huntley Rd, they traveled across the Brown's River and up onto Route 128. After hanging out for a while with some horses, they decided to travel North to Fairfax. Since neither of them ever passed their drivers license, they failed to realize they did not have the right of way on Route 128.
So, after traveling a distance down the center of the road, some concerned citizens stopped their cars and pulled them over off the road. Bill Stygles , the animal control officer in Fairfax, took control of them and kept them safe until I finally got word of their situation on Sunday.
I would like to give my personal thanks to the following people,
  • Everyone who read and passed along my post on Front Porch Forum (cdzgang )
  • Henry Raymond, who maintains a wonderful website which contained a blog about my wandering girls.
  • Bill Stygles , who drove all the way from Fletcher to take care of my girls which he did out of his own personal time!!!!Thanks again Bill.
  • To the user name "catvet" who were in one of the vehicles which stopped on route 128 to get my goats off the road.
  • To all those concerned citizens who took the time to pull over and help keep my girls safe.

Thanks again one and all!



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Westford Dog Warden said...

The St Albans Messenger actually printed a large article about this little event during the Xmas holidays. I am trying to find a copy of it online.

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