Monday, December 7, 2009

Where has the time gone???

OMG! Where HAS the time gone? It's already Dec. 7th and I've been quite lax on my blogging duties!
I would just like to give everyone an update on Lucky's status. You remember Lucky, the unlucky little doggie who gave me a real nice bite on my hand this past summer? He is enjoying his first X-mas in his new home. They state he has become quite the clown, and I am so happy for him!
The young Lab/Terrier mix, named Tipper, is officially our #6 doggie. He is a real lover, but still chases my geese. I did pick up a stray cat awhile ago who has not been able to find a new home. We never did give him a proper name, calling him only "No-Name". I'm hoping someone decides to give this guy a chance, otherwise he'll be our kitty #2.
I hope everyone enjoys the coming holiday season.

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